In the Beginning

snoopy the writerIn the beginning there was a thought and a writer took that thought and, with the power and might of a brain, a load of paper, and a computer, turned it into a script worthy of a place in 2012’s Write Now festival.

So, last Sunday saw this year’s casting event for the Write Now festival (in previous years, it was referred to as the “Meet Market” for some reason). Now, after last year’s similar event (some of you may remember that I was a director of one of last year’s plays) where I spent a lot of time drinking tea and doodling, I was expecting an easy time of it. Hah! Some hope!

This year saw a steady stream of eager actors and actresses (oh, come on! Less of the PC crap) and, as a result we, that’s Rebecca (my director) and I never stopped. I may have been a bit cruel to her, actually, because I mostly made her do the spiel about the play and explain it to the thespian hopefuls. Still, I had to make sure she knew the script, didn’t I?

At the end of the day we had collected in the region of thirty-five CVs and contact details. Overwhelming or what!

I didn’t want to do it but we had to whittle them down somehow.  How did they seem on the day? Will they suit such roles? Do we think we can work with them?

The last question was a tough one because I don’t think there was a single person on the day with whom I felt I could not work.

So now we have to arrange the auditions. Just waiting for the go ahead on one of the slots available to us (we are all using the same venue for initial auditions). That’s going to be tough with such a huge pool of talent from which to choose.

This is a copy of my blog post on the website for “In the Beginning.”  You can find the website at: www.

and the production has a Facebook page at:


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