Choosing a Director


Choosing a director – now there’s a funny business; well, at least it is when you are part of the Write Now Festival (WNF).

In the real world, a producer would have to advertise for a director and then interview the candidates while, at the same time, trying to sell the script. But with the WNF, the team does the advertising and the potential directors have no idea what they are letting themselves in for.

From the vast array of applicants, seventeen would-be directors were short listed and their CVs sent to all ten writer-producers. The writer-producers then had to sift through the CVs and choose up to four of the candidates in order of preference. The scripts from each were sent to all of their choices. Those directors who received ten scripts should consider themselves worthy of a production that pays far more the WNF; those who only received one (you know who you are) or, even, none should realise that the writers were just blind to their potential.

After this process, the directors are invited in to be interviewed by a panel of writers. I felt sorry for the poor candidates who were there on the first night of such grueling grillings – they were faced by a firing squad of ten people!

Following the interrogations, we writers had to take another look at our orders of preference and, the directors were asked to do the same. With a bit of luck, they would match.

In my case, the first time I met my director was three hours before the casting event., since I was unable to attend all the directors’ interviews. Fortunately, Rebecca and I seem to get on, I like her ideas, and she likes my script. That’s got to be a winning combination.

Now for the auditions.

This is a copy of my blog post on the website for “In the Beginning.”  You can find the website at: www.

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