A Life in Theatre

File:Andrew Schofield in August 2007.jpgI only ever regarded Andrew Schofield as a professional Scouser. Well, he was Scully, of course, and a henchman in GBH.

Last night (sat 24 March) I went to see David Mamet’s “A Life in Theatre,” at the Actors Studio in Liverpool, which has completely blown that illusion out of the water. From the moment the lights faded up, Schofield commanded the stage with his portrayal of Robert, the ageing actor, who constantly reminisces and often complains. Portraying the character like a cross between Quentin Crisp and Peter O’toole, Andrew Schofield was brilliant.

Stephen Fletcher was the other half of the duo and was the perfect partner for Schofield as the very patient, and much younger John who variously feels sorry of Robert and irritated by him.

At one point, Schofield entered the auditorium from the back and staggered his way to the stage as the drunken Robert. This was a sight that will stick with me for a long time. Comic genius!

So, come on all you TV producers. Give Andrew Schofield some roles that are worthy of his talents, and stop casting him as a stereotypical Scouser.

John Mc’s own play “In the Beginning –  a slightly irreverent look at creation” is to be staged at the Actors Studio during the Write Now Festival 2012. More details can be found on the website


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