The First Reading

It’s always a scary time for a writer of new works – that first script reading with a company of actors and director. Will the actors take to the characters? Will the script come across as you had imagined? Will the script be the literary masterpiece that your are convinced it is? Will you have to do an extensive rewrite because they all think it’s crap? Or is it just me.

Well, the first reading of “In the beginning – a slightly irreverent look at creation” (I’m going to get well and truly pissed off with that title by the time this production is finished) was scheduled for Wednesday morning;  the setting was Rebecca’s (director) flat not far for Liverpool City Centre; the time ten in the morning. Two of the actors were on time. Two of them were an hour late! To be fair, on of them had contacted the director to say that he would be late due to a sudden call into uni. I hope this isn’t a pattern for the rest of the production.

So, tea and biscuits were provided by the host and we sat down with our scripts. I then said that I’d take some photos for the Facebook page. Call me sexist but true to form the girls moaned about this, with comments about wishing they’d known and something about not looking their best, while the boys couldn’t care less. Was this just delaying tactics by me?

So the first page was read by Abbie and Sean, the Divine Creatrix and the Grand Architect.  I started to feel less anxious and by the time “Curtain” was reached I was convinced that this is exactly the cast that this script needs.

Discussions followed about the script. I told the cast to try and present that the writer wasn’t there and just be brutally honest – I don’t think they took any notice. Turns out, all anyone felt was needed was another scene between Adam and Eve.

Oh well! Looking forward to rehearsals now.

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Don’t worry, I will write some original stuff eventually.


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