Oh! The Stress of Rehearsals

Well, I attended my first rehearsal of “In the Beginning – a slightly irreverent look at creation” on Saturday (10 March).

I‘d  arranged to meet all the cast and director at the director’s flat at 5.30pm. Come six o’clock, we were an actor short. We tried ringing, texting, emailing, and Facebooking but nothing. This doesn’t bode well, I thought.  Well, come six o’clock, we wandered down to the very nice pub who was allowing us to rehearse in the upstairs room, after leaving messages for our errant actor.

masks - Rehearsals for In the Beginning

Now, this rehearsal was mostly to allow me to see an improvised scene so that I could add to the script. This was considered necessary by the director in order to clarify some points and explain how Adam went from a gibbering idiot to a more articulate idiot (of course it’s all down to Eve’s excellent coaching).

Well, that was the theory but, since the scene required all the characters to be on stage and we were missing one actor, it wasn’t as successful as it could be. Oh, well! At least I videoed some of it. However, now I was panicking – we had less than three weeks to the opening.

So, we tried again on Tuesday. Guess what? You guessed. A different actor was missing this time. At least now I have two improvised scene five-and-a-halfs to call on when writing the new bits.

However, I also managed to see other scenes that have been rehearsed already and, I must say, I don’t feel quite so panicked now. They need a lot of polishing but that is to be expected.  As I write this, we have two weeks and a day to the opening performance but only about twelve days to the dress and tech run – that’s when the press can get a chance to see the whole thing if they want.

Oh, damn! I just pressed the panic alarm again!

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