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Media - Press ConferenceSo, rehearsals are well under way. The director assures me that everything is going swimmingly and that the cast are on target for a grand performance on 30 March. Well I hope so.

The Write Now Festival organises a strange event called the Media Launch. This is an opportunity for each of the plays to present a live trailer to the assembled throng that, theoretically, consists of lots of members of the press.

Well we arrived replete with props and costume. We all found a neat little corner to rehearse again and I was just so impressed. Two of the cast and the director had improvised and then written a trailer that was just incredibly professional. No input from the, by now, surplus writer.

So then there was the initial viewing by the festival director. We were first on but went down quite well. Then there was the full dress and tech rehearsal before which we discovered we were scheduled last. That couldn’t have been better, because the last thing the Creatrix and Architect did was to uncover a giant poster on the flip chart. Being last meant that it could stay on the stage – yippee.

3.30pm and we were sent off for a long break. It was a chance for Katie (the theatre’s technician, to take anyone who wanted to the theatre for a final look. Like a mother duck with a gathering of ducklings she went walked off with about ten of us in her wake.

Back to Studio 2, the venue for the launch event, at 5.00 to get changed and await the press. By 6.00pm, the place was packed out – with actors and writers. Hardly any media people turned up. I recognised one reviewer and local radio personality Roger Phillips and he disappeared after the second trailer.

Oh, well! We all had fun and it made me feel far more confident in my cast and director. Roll on the tech/dress rehearsal.

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