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Day 15 Reboot – Tuesday

Yeah! I’ve managed the fifteen day detox reboot juice diet. To go on or not to go on?

The writers group challenge happened again tonight. The night when I’m out for about four hours and meeting people in a bar. This time we were meeting in a Dry bar (The Brink Liverpool) so at least I was able to get a decent cup of herb tea. They also serve smoothies and fresh prepared juices.

Well, two cups of Tea Pigs herb teas, a bottle of Morning Green Glory and a good discussion on each of our new scripts and I survived without eating anything. Even though one of our group had an omelette with chips, and she didn’t eat her chips!

I’ve decided to go on another five days (I’m aiming for another fifteen) and investigate varying the diet a little. Joe Cross‘s website has over a hundred recipes for juices and countless other recipes for healthy eating. I need to find some green juices that suit my palette a little better. I also have found the beetroot based recipes a little sweet and sickly.

This will be the last of the daily blogs. I’m now going to write one at the end of each five-day plan. That way, you won’t get bored and I can get on with my script writing.

It is now Wednesday (day 16) and the news you’ve all been waiting for.

My new weight is 14st 10lb – that’s a loss of 16lb! Result!

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Day 14 Reboot – Monday

Second day of early morning walk. MP3 player loaded with some BBC drama and off I go with the dog. I was told by the cardiologist last week that I must do at least half an hour of brisk walking a day. Strolling around the field with the dog is not good enough, apparently.

Think I might be over doing it a bit. Stiff legs. I’ll give it a rest for a day or two. That’s what happens when you get enthusiastic over stuff, I suppose.

The cravings are still there.  Someone suggested that I should increase the intake a little because the cravings could be from lack of calories. I’m finding it difficult to do that because I already seem to be drinking every waking minute.

Getting close to that magical 15th day, which will be the end of the plan. I’ll publish Tuesday’s blog on Wednesday and include my weight.

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Day 13 Reboot – Sunday

Spoke too soon. Lost two hours falling asleep in the chair today. Really must look into this B12 deficiency research.

The oddest thing I am experiencing is the cravings. I hardly ever ate eggs and  then it was usually as an omelette or scrambled on toast. Now I’m starting to obsess on the idea of hard boiled eggs! I don’t get it. Steamed asparagus and spinach has never seemed so appealing; and the smell of the local chippie is almost unbearable. Still, seeing my reduced blood pressure and weight loss keeps me going.

I mentioned, in my first blog (“Obese, Unwell and as Sluggish as a Homeless Snail”), that I had a skin condition that causes scaly, cracked patches on my hands from time to time. This resulted in scarred patches between my knuckles; it also causes a constant itching on the back of my hand, legs and feet. I realised this morning, when my ankle itched, that the itching hasn’t reminded me to apply the cream since Friday night. Looking at the back of my hand, the scarring seems to be clearing up as well. This last part may just be natural process of healing but it is a bit coincidental.

Because, when I shopped the other day, the organic farm shop had run out of oranges, I substituted with some red grapefruit. So, today, my sunrise juice was mostly grapefruit juice rather than orange (together with carrots and beetroots). It is still nice but not quite as sweet as the orange version.

Two days left on the plan. Will I go on to complete thirty days or will I cave in on Wednesday? We’ll see.

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Day 12 Reboot – Saturday

My bog has finally caught up with my diary. I’m posting this on day 13.

Can’t really say I’m experiencing the boost in energy yet. Still feeling a little lethargic with the occasional wave of fatigue. I’m hoping for some improvement.

It feels really strange not to be jumping up to cook something at 5.00pm on a Saturday Evening.  Still missing some decent solid food. The craving for a cup of tea is still there – I suspect that will go eventually. Looking forward to the time when I can experiment with some raw recipes, though.

SphygmomanometerI know it’s only been two days since the reduced meds but my BP today is a healthy 120/70. When compared to he 148/100 that it was a year or two ago it is fantastic.  The problem with monitoring blood pressure is that is varies throughout the day. It can vary minute by minute. I find hat my BP is a lot higher early in he morning and low in the evening. Will keep monitoring, though.

Watermelon crush was remarkably nice, considering I’m not a fan of watermelon.  It contained just half a watermelon, a lime and some basil. I tried to time the freezing/defrosting so I ended up with a slush type of drink but I just ended up with very cold liquid but lots of it. I think I may have overdone the watermelon.

I think I’m probably sleeping better. No waking up in the middle of the night. I haven’t felt like falling asleep in the middle of the day today, either. Is this my turning point?

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Day 11 Reboot – Friday

Now into the third part of the fifteen day programme. Day eleven and a new challenge – I’m on location filming a music video. No, I’m not singing or playing, just a “member of the public.”

The challenge was, obviously, my catering arrangement.  Breakfast was okay as I didn’t have to be at the location till 10am. However, it did mean a lot of work before going out in preparing my meals. Luckily, I do not throw away my 500ml water bottles. So, I armed myself with four bottles – a bottle of coconut water for mid morning break,  a concoction called Red, White and Blue (and Green) for lunch, a bottle of green citrus for afternoon break, and a bottle of water.

I estimated that I’d be home by 4.00pm and actually arrived home at about 3.30. So, the day worked. I kept to the plan and didn’t get hungry.

I did, however, get some strange looks when drinking my lunch. “Red, White and Blue (and Green)” consists of watermelon, blueberries and kale leaves! So, mix all those colours together and it appeared that I was drinking mud! It tasted okay but I’ve never been a huge fan of watermelon, preferring the much sweeter honeydew.

Yesterday, I posted a photograph of the alarming blotches on my legs. Well, that photograph was about a month old. Now, after eleven days on the detox, there is not a sign of redness on my legs and ankles. Is that a result of the detox diet or just part of the come-and-go cycle. Time will tell.

Gosh, I’m doing well.

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Day 10 Reboot – Thursday

Today I nearly gave in. I knew it was going to be a busy day.  I had a hospital appointment and, being day 10, today is shopping day. So, I had to make my way to the hospital, attend the appointment, make my way home, have lunch, then go to the farm shop. I’d allowed an hour for the appointment so I took my mid morning snack (Coconut Water) to see me through.

Then the bombshell. “Sorry everyone who is here for a cardiology appointment but there’s a two hour delay!” I hadn’t allowed for such NHS inefficiencies that I thought were ancient history. That’s when I nearly caved in. I knew I wouldn’t last that long;  the hospital café wasn’t far; I could nip out during the two hour wait and have something to eat.

Blotchy Leg

Fortunately, I wasn’t given that opportunity. I was called in for a height and weight measuring then for an ECG. Then I was shown to a waiting area and was only there a few minutes when the consultant called me in.  By some miracle, I only waited about an hour in total. Crisis averted!

The good news is that my blood pressure is so under control that the cardiologist has halved one of my blood pressure meds so as to alleviate the alarming blotches on my legs. Result!

So, home I went, had my lunch then off to the farm shop to stock up.

That’s two-thirds the way through the detox plan. Here’s to the next five days.

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Day 9 Reboot – Wednesday

I don’t know if it means I’ve just got used to the feeling or that my body is now adjusting but today I do not feel as hungry as I have done.

A juice called “Garden Variety” finds its way into today’s menu. This consists of kale (didn’t think I’d get away without it, did you?) apples and oranges. It doesn’t look very appetising, (there again, none of the green juices do) but it’s quite nice. The orange makes it so sweet.

The last juice on today’s menu is now my absolute favourite. It’s called “Purple Passion” and consists of Apples, Blueberries and fresh mint.  I’d put this in the freezer, as it was made up in the morning, and forgot to take it out till quite late so it turned out like a fruit slush that you get from cafes and the likes. It was fabulous, if incredibly expensive to make. If you use all organic ingredients, I calculated that it cost about £3.00! That is the most expensive juice  on the menu.

Dirty-Dozen-Clean-15On the subject of organic, I buy most of the produce from an organic farm shop. Why, when it is so expensive? Well, firstly, buying from the organic farm shop works out a lot cheaper than buying from a supermarket so the organic shopping works out as not much more expensive anyway. However, the main reasons are that it is nutritionally more valuable and has no pesticides to worry about. Click on this link for the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists. Although these are American, I can’t imagine that there is a heck of a lot of difference in the UK.

Onward to day 10.

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