Day 1 Reboot – Tuesday 13 Aug

Day one, got myself weighed. 15st 12lb (212lb/101.5kg)

Day one went well.

The hardest part is the tea and coffee so, not to make myself suffer too much, I cheated. I had one cup of tea and two decaf coffees. I did, however, start the day with lemon and ginger water rather than my usual pint mug of tea.

Berry, Apple and Cinnamon bake was breakfast and was, at first bite, a bit weird. I baked it the night before using Strawberries, Blueberries and raspberries. The resulting bake was a bit dull looking, verging on Brown. First taste made me realise that I’d used a bit too much cinnamon but second bite grew on me.  By the time I finished the half I was allowed, I wanted to eat the rest – I didn’t.

My favourite, so far, has to be Apple, Carrot and Ginger juice.

Juicing is a weird process. More of that at a later time.

Now, the challenge was that I was meeting some people to talk scripts in the evening – in the back room of a bar. This bar does serve hot drinks and they do have herb/fruit teas in stock. However, their machine was out of order! Luckily I’d taken a bottle of water and a flask with some Apple Carrot and Ginger juice – yum yum.

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