Day 2 Reboot – Wednesday

Hot lemon and ginger water started my day. This is just a boiling water on top of a slice of lemon and some fresh ginger. It was a bit odd the first day but by today I kind of liked it.

I still had my mug of tea a little later.

Celery, Pear and Cucumber Juice in ContainerIt really struck me today just how time consuming this diet is. If I was to do this properly, I would be juicing each time I needed juice and cleaning out the juicer after every session. Bugger that for a game of skittles. So, I have deicide to produce two days worth of juice in one go and freeze the next days.  I have some plastic containers from supermarket fruit-in-juice so I’m using those for storage. While there are only two juices a day, this is viable.

The celery, Pear and Cucumber juice is quite nice but not as nice as yesterdays Carrot, Apple and Ginger.

Lunch time was a massive salad. I mean this was a mountain of green that included avocado, tomato, red cabbage, and the ubiquitous  kale. It took me about an hour to eat it.

I knew from the start that I would have to break the diet tonight because it was my son’s birthday and I’d promised to take him, his wife and my other son out for a meal. Luckily it was a carvery so I just had the vegetables. Almost sticking to the diet – the coffee was off-diet, though.

So, at the end of day two, there is just a little bit of cheating but I definitely over ate at the carvery.

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