Day 4 Reboot – Friday

Well, feeling pretty pleased that I’ve come this far and my only weakness has been a cup of tea and a cup of decaf coffee, even if it has been each day.

Flask and two bottlesI didn’t mention that, yesterday, I had to go to Manchester for an audition.  What a pain that was; not the audition but the travelling with a flask of squash and apple soup, a bottle of green lemonade juice (yuch) and a bottle of water. Oh, well! This is what I’ll have to suffer if I want to get healthy again.

Wednesday I made green detox soup. It’s made of kale (of course), celery, courgettes, broccoli and leek. It’s also quite nice and I made enough for the rest of this first five days. However, I forgot to refrigerate it. While it tasted okay, I did feel a little disturbance in the stomach area so I don’t think I’ll be having that batch again.

The squash and apple soup from yesterday, however, was fine. I’ve now separated the remainder of that into portions and put it in the freezer.

Well, one day to go before the big challenge – juice only. I have just made a vow that I will use up the remainder of my milk (which should be enough for a cup of tea tomorrow) and then that is the last of the tea and coffee till I’ve completed the plan.

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