Day 5 Reboot – Saturday

Well, this was the last of the introduction days. The last day for a smoothie and soups rather than just raw juices. This mean a shopping trip to stock up for the next five days.

Stocked fridgeLast week’s experience has sort of told me that  Australian bunches of Kale must be a heck of a lot smaller than the British ones. The shopping list called for six bunches of kale. I got four and still had some left over. I also found out that kale wilts and discolours fairly quickly.

So, off I went to Manic Organic  armed with my shopping list. I decided only to buy four bunches of kale, even though the shopping list called for seven; this time I was going to store it in the fridge and my fridge just isn’t that big.  The only items I didn’t get there were blueberries and grapes.  I chose not to buy the carrots because I’m fed up cleaning them. I’d rather pay the extra for Tesco’s ready washed packs of organic carrots.

Have you ever bought organic blueberries? They must contain Gold or something. I’d already bought a small container of them earlier but the shopping list called for five baskets! So, I figured the bog standard, non-organic variety wouldn’t do much harm given the vast amounts of organic produce I was consuming.

Follow the link to Manic Organic‘s website if you are local to Southport.

Feel free to look me up and follow me on the links below.


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