Day 6 Reboot – Sunday

Whoever said that you don’t get hungry on the juice diet was Lying.

Today is the first day of the all juice part of the 15-Day Reboot Plan and I can tell you, I am suffering a bit.

I had it all planned out. I prepared all the juices in the morning, putting the evening one in the freezer with the intention of transferring it the fridge in the afternoon. I would pace myself throughout the day and have a couple of herb/fruit teas – no more tea and coffee for me.

Well, the plan was disrupted by my sister-in-law calling to help her with her house alarm (I am an electrical engineer by qualification). In preparation, I put a couple of tea bags in a container and cycled around there with my tools at the ready – it wont take long, I thought.

It was more than two hours before I left after sorting the alarm, taking down a cooker hood and fixing some window locks. I knew I was not right when I found myself staring longingly at a piece of cheese on a plate and I haven’t eaten cheese for nearly a year. How I managed to cycle home with that gnawing feeling in my stomach, I shall never know. By the time I got home, I could have eaten the fridge!

I have to say that this felt like the worst day of my life.

However, it was all worthwhile when I tasted the Pear Pie Delight. Sweet potato, pear, apple and blueberries make up the ensemble. It is the most delightful thing I have ever tasted.

Really looking forward to tomorrow’s  hungry day.

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3 responses to “Day 6 Reboot – Sunday

  1. It might be a tough journey, but it’ll be worth it, and good job to you for even doing it in the first place! Not many people have the courage to do what you’re doing. Keep it up, you’re almost there!

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