Day 8 reboot – Tuesday

One important thing I’ve learned about juicing, if you are going to prepare the whole day’s meals in one go, remember to empty the pulp container regularly. If you don’t, the juice channel gets clogged so no juice come out, the shredder stops working and it puts a strain on the motor.

Green lemonade again today. Wasn’t looking forward to that. Today I only used one lemon (which is actually what the recipe called for so why did I use two last time?) and added a bit of ginger. Tastes much nicer (well, more palatable, at least). I will try and extra apple next time.

I do wish the recipes wouldn’t call for “handfuls” as a measure. Not exactly a precision measurement. And what is a “pint of blueberries” for God’s sake?

A bigger test tonight than last week. I had to attend another writers’ meeting in the back room of the bar. This time there was a pre-meeting at 6.00. So, I stocked up with two types of juice and a bottle of water. At least I could get a cup of fruit tea at the bar this time.

I managed to see trough the evening without ripping into someone’s plate of chips.

Well, made it half way through the 15 day plan.

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