Day 9 Reboot – Wednesday

I don’t know if it means I’ve just got used to the feeling or that my body is now adjusting but today I do not feel as hungry as I have done.

A juice called “Garden Variety” finds its way into today’s menu. This consists of kale (didn’t think I’d get away without it, did you?) apples and oranges. It doesn’t look very appetising, (there again, none of the green juices do) but it’s quite nice. The orange makes it so sweet.

The last juice on today’s menu is now my absolute favourite. It’s called “Purple Passion” and consists of Apples, Blueberries and fresh mint.  I’d put this in the freezer, as it was made up in the morning, and forgot to take it out till quite late so it turned out like a fruit slush that you get from cafes and the likes. It was fabulous, if incredibly expensive to make. If you use all organic ingredients, I calculated that it cost about £3.00! That is the most expensive juice  on the menu.

Dirty-Dozen-Clean-15On the subject of organic, I buy most of the produce from an organic farm shop. Why, when it is so expensive? Well, firstly, buying from the organic farm shop works out a lot cheaper than buying from a supermarket so the organic shopping works out as not much more expensive anyway. However, the main reasons are that it is nutritionally more valuable and has no pesticides to worry about. Click on this link for the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists. Although these are American, I can’t imagine that there is a heck of a lot of difference in the UK.

Onward to day 10.

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