Day 10 Reboot – Thursday

Today I nearly gave in. I knew it was going to be a busy day.  I had a hospital appointment and, being day 10, today is shopping day. So, I had to make my way to the hospital, attend the appointment, make my way home, have lunch, then go to the farm shop. I’d allowed an hour for the appointment so I took my mid morning snack (Coconut Water) to see me through.

Then the bombshell. “Sorry everyone who is here for a cardiology appointment but there’s a two hour delay!” I hadn’t allowed for such NHS inefficiencies that I thought were ancient history. That’s when I nearly caved in. I knew I wouldn’t last that long;  the hospital café wasn’t far; I could nip out during the two hour wait and have something to eat.

Blotchy Leg

Fortunately, I wasn’t given that opportunity. I was called in for a height and weight measuring then for an ECG. Then I was shown to a waiting area and was only there a few minutes when the consultant called me in.  By some miracle, I only waited about an hour in total. Crisis averted!

The good news is that my blood pressure is so under control that the cardiologist has halved one of my blood pressure meds so as to alleviate the alarming blotches on my legs. Result!

So, home I went, had my lunch then off to the farm shop to stock up.

That’s two-thirds the way through the detox plan. Here’s to the next five days.

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2 responses to “Day 10 Reboot – Thursday

  1. Jennifer B

    John you’re inspirational, well done getting this far. I read all of your posts and think you’re doing a great job! I love your style of writing.

    That’s fabulous about the blood pressure tablets. Hopefully that has given you the drive to continue and make even more improvements!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful words of encouragement – and the compliment.

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