Day 11 Reboot – Friday

Now into the third part of the fifteen day programme. Day eleven and a new challenge – I’m on location filming a music video. No, I’m not singing or playing, just a “member of the public.”

The challenge was, obviously, my catering arrangement.  Breakfast was okay as I didn’t have to be at the location till 10am. However, it did mean a lot of work before going out in preparing my meals. Luckily, I do not throw away my 500ml water bottles. So, I armed myself with four bottles – a bottle of coconut water for mid morning break,  a concoction called Red, White and Blue (and Green) for lunch, a bottle of green citrus for afternoon break, and a bottle of water.

I estimated that I’d be home by 4.00pm and actually arrived home at about 3.30. So, the day worked. I kept to the plan and didn’t get hungry.

I did, however, get some strange looks when drinking my lunch. “Red, White and Blue (and Green)” consists of watermelon, blueberries and kale leaves! So, mix all those colours together and it appeared that I was drinking mud! It tasted okay but I’ve never been a huge fan of watermelon, preferring the much sweeter honeydew.

Yesterday, I posted a photograph of the alarming blotches on my legs. Well, that photograph was about a month old. Now, after eleven days on the detox, there is not a sign of redness on my legs and ankles. Is that a result of the detox diet or just part of the come-and-go cycle. Time will tell.

Gosh, I’m doing well.

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