Day 12 Reboot – Saturday

My bog has finally caught up with my diary. I’m posting this on day 13.

Can’t really say I’m experiencing the boost in energy yet. Still feeling a little lethargic with the occasional wave of fatigue. I’m hoping for some improvement.

It feels really strange not to be jumping up to cook something at 5.00pm on a Saturday Evening.  Still missing some decent solid food. The craving for a cup of tea is still there – I suspect that will go eventually. Looking forward to the time when I can experiment with some raw recipes, though.

SphygmomanometerI know it’s only been two days since the reduced meds but my BP today is a healthy 120/70. When compared to he 148/100 that it was a year or two ago it is fantastic.  The problem with monitoring blood pressure is that is varies throughout the day. It can vary minute by minute. I find hat my BP is a lot higher early in he morning and low in the evening. Will keep monitoring, though.

Watermelon crush was remarkably nice, considering I’m not a fan of watermelon.  It contained just half a watermelon, a lime and some basil. I tried to time the freezing/defrosting so I ended up with a slush type of drink but I just ended up with very cold liquid but lots of it. I think I may have overdone the watermelon.

I think I’m probably sleeping better. No waking up in the middle of the night. I haven’t felt like falling asleep in the middle of the day today, either. Is this my turning point?

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