Day 13 Reboot – Sunday

Spoke too soon. Lost two hours falling asleep in the chair today. Really must look into this B12 deficiency research.

The oddest thing I am experiencing is the cravings. I hardly ever ate eggs and  then it was usually as an omelette or scrambled on toast. Now I’m starting to obsess on the idea of hard boiled eggs! I don’t get it. Steamed asparagus and spinach has never seemed so appealing; and the smell of the local chippie is almost unbearable. Still, seeing my reduced blood pressure and weight loss keeps me going.

I mentioned, in my first blog (“Obese, Unwell and as Sluggish as a Homeless Snail”), that I had a skin condition that causes scaly, cracked patches on my hands from time to time. This resulted in scarred patches between my knuckles; it also causes a constant itching on the back of my hand, legs and feet. I realised this morning, when my ankle itched, that the itching hasn’t reminded me to apply the cream since Friday night. Looking at the back of my hand, the scarring seems to be clearing up as well. This last part may just be natural process of healing but it is a bit coincidental.

Because, when I shopped the other day, the organic farm shop had run out of oranges, I substituted with some red grapefruit. So, today, my sunrise juice was mostly grapefruit juice rather than orange (together with carrots and beetroots). It is still nice but not quite as sweet as the orange version.

Two days left on the plan. Will I go on to complete thirty days or will I cave in on Wednesday? We’ll see.

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