Day 14 Reboot – Monday

Second day of early morning walk. MP3 player loaded with some BBC drama and off I go with the dog. I was told by the cardiologist last week that I must do at least half an hour of brisk walking a day. Strolling around the field with the dog is not good enough, apparently.

Think I might be over doing it a bit. Stiff legs. I’ll give it a rest for a day or two. That’s what happens when you get enthusiastic over stuff, I suppose.

The cravings are still there.  Someone suggested that I should increase the intake a little because the cravings could be from lack of calories. I’m finding it difficult to do that because I already seem to be drinking every waking minute.

Getting close to that magical 15th day, which will be the end of the plan. I’ll publish Tuesday’s blog on Wednesday and include my weight.

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  1. Take it slowly, work on the pace first and then the distance, or vice versa. Just don’t try doing both at once. Good luck 🙂

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