Day 15 Reboot – Tuesday

Yeah! I’ve managed the fifteen day detox reboot juice diet. To go on or not to go on?

The writers group challenge happened again tonight. The night when I’m out for about four hours and meeting people in a bar. This time we were meeting in a Dry bar (The Brink Liverpool) so at least I was able to get a decent cup of herb tea. They also serve smoothies and fresh prepared juices.

Well, two cups of Tea Pigs herb teas, a bottle of Morning Green Glory and a good discussion on each of our new scripts and I survived without eating anything. Even though one of our group had an omelette with chips, and she didn’t eat her chips!

I’ve decided to go on another five days (I’m aiming for another fifteen) and investigate varying the diet a little. Joe Cross‘s website has over a hundred recipes for juices and countless other recipes for healthy eating. I need to find some green juices that suit my palette a little better. I also have found the beetroot based recipes a little sweet and sickly.

This will be the last of the daily blogs. I’m now going to write one at the end of each five-day plan. That way, you won’t get bored and I can get on with my script writing.

It is now Wednesday (day 16) and the news you’ve all been waiting for.

My new weight is 14st 10lb – that’s a loss of 16lb! Result!

Thanks for reading

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2 responses to “Day 15 Reboot – Tuesday

  1. barbarachabeaux

    Very well done John..! Are you feeling better too? xx

  2. Thanks, Barbara.

    I’m starting to, in small ways, nothing dramatic, though. Still fatigued but feeling a little lighter, skin is clearing up a bit. The sense of achievement has made it worthwhile.

    Here’s to the next five days.

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