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Days 30 to 35 Reboot – Thursday to Monday

Okay, so this blog is a few days late. Don’t blame me. I’ve had no internet connection for a few days and have to go to the local bar to get connected.

Well, I’ve arrived at my destination – a full thirty day, Joe Cross, extended reboot, five days transition and hardly any cheating. During the first five days, I did have the occasional tea or decaf coffee but no more than two in one day, which was a considerable reduction from the ten to twelve that I would have had previously. I also had a meal out in the middle of that first five days transition but I restricted myself to roast vegetables. During the rest of the thirty days, I did sneak the occasional inch of raw carrot or broccoli stalk – what a cheat.

I also reached a real destination. In the middle of my five days transition, I went away to my caravan (trailer for US friends) in Mid-Wales – hence the lack of internet connection. What a fabulous end to a very strict diet – a relaxing week just chilling and writing. I have managed not to stray from the reboot until the last evening when I had my first cup of tea in a month. I drank it without sugar. It was in a bar on the holiday park, so it wasn’t the nicest cup of tea ever but I still enjoyed it. I have resolved that, from now on, I will limit myself to two cups of tea or coffee a day and no sugar.

I’m now looking forward to the adventure that will be raw “cooking.” I’m not bothering this week as access to organic produce is limited if not nigh impossible; I’ve stocked up with sweet potatoes and British potatoes to bake – nothing like a potato baked in a Calor gas oven, although, my cooker is taking twice as long to cook anything as it should. I’ve ordered a service from the site owners.

I have walked far more this week that I have done for a long time. Every morning, I am taking the dog for a circular walk that involves quite a bit of up-hill walking, for example. I’ve already taken a four mile, quite energetic, hike through the mountains above Machynlleth and enjoyed it so much I’m raring to take another one.

So, that’s it. Lots of weight lost (although I’m not sure what the final figure is becasue I didn’t bring the scales with me), improved energy levels – although I still get occasional waves of fatigue, and a new found enthusiasm for walking. Let’s hope that the weight stays off and that I resist the temptation to revert back to eating cakes, biscuits and other confectionary.


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Days 25 to 30 Reboot – Saturday to Wednesday

I’m now nearing the end of my first Reboot journey and I have to say, I’m feeling good. Thirty days after I first walked into the organic farm shop in Southport, the couple tat run it are amazed at the transformation, remarking that I’d bounced into the shop with a new vigour.

Tomorrow, I begin the five days transition back to “normal” food. I’ll be away at my caravan when the five days is up so I hope I can avoid the temptation to eat out too much. I do, however, have a contingency plan for that.  I am taking a load of juices and soups that I particularly like so have decide that, should I feel like eating out, I’ll just take the soup and juices for the rest of my meals.

When I say I’m going back to normal food, I have no intention of reverting to the way I used to eat. I have proven to myself that I can survive on a purely plant based diet so I will be introducing a lot more raw food into my diet. I’m even taking a book away with me – Raw Food for Dummies. I won’t become a complete raw foodie as there are some vegetables that provide more nutrients when cooked, apparently. Besides, I have enough trouble eating out as a vegetarian; it’ll be near impossible as a raw foodie.

I’ve also managed to do without is tea and coffee. While  I only drank decaf coffee at home, I would always have a cappuccino while I was out. That is so fattening and an unnecessary amount of dairy.  I also had all these drinks with sugar. If I drink tea and coffee again, I’m determined to go without sugar.

My total weight loss is 25lb, which is a little disappointing given my previous progress. If you remember, I lost  sixteen pounds over the first fifteen days. Oh, well. Let’s hope eating healthily from now on improves that further.

Well, I’m only going to bore you one more time after this, at the end of the five day transition. So, see you then.


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Days 20 to 25 Reboot – Monday to Friday

On the home stretch now; twenty-five days of an extended reboot completed. The next time I write this blog I will be preparing for the five day transition which is the same as days one to five but in reverse. This isn’t part of the official plan but it is recommended that you reintroduce solid foods and proteins gradually.

The pangs of hunger are now under control. Sometimes, all you need is to have a glass of water. I read somewhere  a while back that sometimes the body isn’t craving food but liquid. The last thing to get used to is going to bed feeling slightly hungry, which is something I never did. I know it’s not a good idea to eat before going to bed but it was a habit that I got in to.

Another habit that I am hoping to have now broken is eating while watching the TV. This was such a deep seated habit that I couldn’t watch a TV for more than about half an hour without stuffing something into my mouth. More often than not, that “something” was a biscuit or cake. And I am not a one biscuit or one piece of cake guy – hence the obesity.

My skin is continuing to improve – the itching is almost gone completely, although I am still using the creams. My blood pressure seems to be superbly healthy, often measuring a perfect 120/70! Let’s hope I can eliminate one of the tablets soon. On Tuesday, I had a blood test, ordered by the cardiologist, so I should have my cholesterol results soon – fingers crossed.

Something I learnt about juicing this week – I have read, around the internet, that wet pulp, like that you might get from soft fruits, can be processed again though the juicer. It doesn’t work. The pulp just end up I the jug with the juice making the result more like a smoothie.

Total weight loss so far:  23lb


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Days 16 to 20 Reboot – Wednesday to Sunday

I have now completed twenty days on the Reboot Juice Diet. I am down to 14st 6lb or 202lb (92kg) which is a loss of 20lb. Which, although it is a marvellous achievement, is a little disappointing compared against the loss of 2lb per day early on. Mustn’t grumble. If I can keep it off after the Reboot, I’ll be over the moon.

Okay, hunger hasn’t happened quite so often in the last five days and I’ve got used to packing liquid food for when I’m out and about. t takes a bit of planning, but I’m managing. It is only really a problem when I’m out most of the day.

Fatigue not improving much although it seems to be a little better if I drink loads more water. I’m still having the occasional lapses into sleep during the day. Having said that, there are many more days when I don’t; however, on those days I am having to go to bed earlier and don’t manage to sit up reading for more than a couple of minutes.

On the plus side, the shadows under my eyes have almost disappeared. My skin condition is noticeably clearer and my blood pressure is under control, although I am still taking the reduced medication. Clothes that were tight are now comfortable and I’m wearing some that haven’t been out of the wardrobe for a long time. I am not getting out of breath so much when I’m out with the dog and I’ve managed to increase my activity by taking longer, brisk walks.

While I am pretty well following the days 6-10 menu, I have begun to experiment. I have been making some substitutions in the recipes, notably replacing some of the kale with spinach – this makes some of the green juices task not quite so strong. I have also introduced one or two replacement recipes from the Reboot with Joe website. I have deviated from the standard plan for the next five day menu and delved deeper into the juice recipes for the website. I’ve even included on that contains chillies and I hate hot food.

As you can gather, I am continuing for at least another five days. I’ll probably continue to the thirty days and use the Days 1-5 menu in reverse to make the transition back to solid food, which I am looking forward to, I have to admit. I plan on taking a trip to my caravan in Wales as soon at the thirty days is over.  It will mean having to take my juicer with me for the last couple of days but that’s a small price to pay.

See you after day twenty six.


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