Days 16 to 20 Reboot – Wednesday to Sunday

I have now completed twenty days on the Reboot Juice Diet. I am down to 14st 6lb or 202lb (92kg) which is a loss of 20lb. Which, although it is a marvellous achievement, is a little disappointing compared against the loss of 2lb per day early on. Mustn’t grumble. If I can keep it off after the Reboot, I’ll be over the moon.

Okay, hunger hasn’t happened quite so often in the last five days and I’ve got used to packing liquid food for when I’m out and about. t takes a bit of planning, but I’m managing. It is only really a problem when I’m out most of the day.

Fatigue not improving much although it seems to be a little better if I drink loads more water. I’m still having the occasional lapses into sleep during the day. Having said that, there are many more days when I don’t; however, on those days I am having to go to bed earlier and don’t manage to sit up reading for more than a couple of minutes.

On the plus side, the shadows under my eyes have almost disappeared. My skin condition is noticeably clearer and my blood pressure is under control, although I am still taking the reduced medication. Clothes that were tight are now comfortable and I’m wearing some that haven’t been out of the wardrobe for a long time. I am not getting out of breath so much when I’m out with the dog and I’ve managed to increase my activity by taking longer, brisk walks.

While I am pretty well following the days 6-10 menu, I have begun to experiment. I have been making some substitutions in the recipes, notably replacing some of the kale with spinach – this makes some of the green juices task not quite so strong. I have also introduced one or two replacement recipes from the Reboot with Joe website. I have deviated from the standard plan for the next five day menu and delved deeper into the juice recipes for the website. I’ve even included on that contains chillies and I hate hot food.

As you can gather, I am continuing for at least another five days. I’ll probably continue to the thirty days and use the Days 1-5 menu in reverse to make the transition back to solid food, which I am looking forward to, I have to admit. I plan on taking a trip to my caravan in Wales as soon at the thirty days is over.  It will mean having to take my juicer with me for the last couple of days but that’s a small price to pay.

See you after day twenty six.



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3 responses to “Days 16 to 20 Reboot – Wednesday to Sunday

  1. Congratulations. Great to hear it’s going so well 🙂

  2. barbara

    Well done John, 20 lbs is pretty impressive! You’ve shown great staying power.. Are you actually juicing, or blending? xx

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