Days 20 to 25 Reboot – Monday to Friday

On the home stretch now; twenty-five days of an extended reboot completed. The next time I write this blog I will be preparing for the five day transition which is the same as days one to five but in reverse. This isn’t part of the official plan but it is recommended that you reintroduce solid foods and proteins gradually.

The pangs of hunger are now under control. Sometimes, all you need is to have a glass of water. I read somewhere  a while back that sometimes the body isn’t craving food but liquid. The last thing to get used to is going to bed feeling slightly hungry, which is something I never did. I know it’s not a good idea to eat before going to bed but it was a habit that I got in to.

Another habit that I am hoping to have now broken is eating while watching the TV. This was such a deep seated habit that I couldn’t watch a TV for more than about half an hour without stuffing something into my mouth. More often than not, that “something” was a biscuit or cake. And I am not a one biscuit or one piece of cake guy – hence the obesity.

My skin is continuing to improve – the itching is almost gone completely, although I am still using the creams. My blood pressure seems to be superbly healthy, often measuring a perfect 120/70! Let’s hope I can eliminate one of the tablets soon. On Tuesday, I had a blood test, ordered by the cardiologist, so I should have my cholesterol results soon – fingers crossed.

Something I learnt about juicing this week – I have read, around the internet, that wet pulp, like that you might get from soft fruits, can be processed again though the juicer. It doesn’t work. The pulp just end up I the jug with the juice making the result more like a smoothie.

Total weight loss so far:  23lb


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