Days 25 to 30 Reboot – Saturday to Wednesday

I’m now nearing the end of my first Reboot journey and I have to say, I’m feeling good. Thirty days after I first walked into the organic farm shop in Southport, the couple tat run it are amazed at the transformation, remarking that I’d bounced into the shop with a new vigour.

Tomorrow, I begin the five days transition back to “normal” food. I’ll be away at my caravan when the five days is up so I hope I can avoid the temptation to eat out too much. I do, however, have a contingency plan for that.  I am taking a load of juices and soups that I particularly like so have decide that, should I feel like eating out, I’ll just take the soup and juices for the rest of my meals.

When I say I’m going back to normal food, I have no intention of reverting to the way I used to eat. I have proven to myself that I can survive on a purely plant based diet so I will be introducing a lot more raw food into my diet. I’m even taking a book away with me – Raw Food for Dummies. I won’t become a complete raw foodie as there are some vegetables that provide more nutrients when cooked, apparently. Besides, I have enough trouble eating out as a vegetarian; it’ll be near impossible as a raw foodie.

I’ve also managed to do without is tea and coffee. While  I only drank decaf coffee at home, I would always have a cappuccino while I was out. That is so fattening and an unnecessary amount of dairy.  I also had all these drinks with sugar. If I drink tea and coffee again, I’m determined to go without sugar.

My total weight loss is 25lb, which is a little disappointing given my previous progress. If you remember, I lost  sixteen pounds over the first fifteen days. Oh, well. Let’s hope eating healthily from now on improves that further.

Well, I’m only going to bore you one more time after this, at the end of the five day transition. So, see you then.


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