Days 30 to 35 Reboot – Thursday to Monday

Okay, so this blog is a few days late. Don’t blame me. I’ve had no internet connection for a few days and have to go to the local bar to get connected.

Well, I’ve arrived at my destination – a full thirty day, Joe Cross, extended reboot, five days transition and hardly any cheating. During the first five days, I did have the occasional tea or decaf coffee but no more than two in one day, which was a considerable reduction from the ten to twelve that I would have had previously. I also had a meal out in the middle of that first five days transition but I restricted myself to roast vegetables. During the rest of the thirty days, I did sneak the occasional inch of raw carrot or broccoli stalk – what a cheat.

I also reached a real destination. In the middle of my five days transition, I went away to my caravan (trailer for US friends) in Mid-Wales – hence the lack of internet connection. What a fabulous end to a very strict diet – a relaxing week just chilling and writing. I have managed not to stray from the reboot until the last evening when I had my first cup of tea in a month. I drank it without sugar. It was in a bar on the holiday park, so it wasn’t the nicest cup of tea ever but I still enjoyed it. I have resolved that, from now on, I will limit myself to two cups of tea or coffee a day and no sugar.

I’m now looking forward to the adventure that will be raw “cooking.” I’m not bothering this week as access to organic produce is limited if not nigh impossible; I’ve stocked up with sweet potatoes and British potatoes to bake – nothing like a potato baked in a Calor gas oven, although, my cooker is taking twice as long to cook anything as it should. I’ve ordered a service from the site owners.

I have walked far more this week that I have done for a long time. Every morning, I am taking the dog for a circular walk that involves quite a bit of up-hill walking, for example. I’ve already taken a four mile, quite energetic, hike through the mountains above Machynlleth and enjoyed it so much I’m raring to take another one.

So, that’s it. Lots of weight lost (although I’m not sure what the final figure is becasue I didn’t bring the scales with me), improved energy levels – although I still get occasional waves of fatigue, and a new found enthusiasm for walking. Let’s hope that the weight stays off and that I resist the temptation to revert back to eating cakes, biscuits and other confectionary.


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