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Cultural Hatred

I do wish people would stop perpetuating myths about other cultures. I have just read another “A Muslim woman dressed in a Burkha (A black gown & face mask) was Standing with her shopping in a queue…” story on FaceBook that, when I researched it, found that the same story has been rehashed for ten years with slight tweaks to make it appropriate for a specific nation. I don’t blame the person who shared it – they have their particular political ideals and posts like that support their beliefs.

The world isn’t perfect. Every nationality, religion, and minority group has arseholes who will criticise, condemn, terrorise, etc. The worst ones are those who generate myths like this one. I criticise Americans all the time (sorry to my American friends), but I’m not vilified for it so why do we have to invent these stories to vilify other cultures that criticise us? Let’s face it, we (the noble and glorious British) invented the concentration camp, apartheid, the machine gun, the slave trade, and were responsible for the partitioning of Palestine and India and, thus, the subsequent deaths. We murdered probably 100,000 people (mostly innocent civilians and refugees) when we bombed Dresden for no other reason than we could. We condoned the murder of a similar number when the US dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and about 40,000 in Nagasaki not to mention the generations that have suffered and died as a result of mutations and cancer that they caused.

On the subject of religious oppression, the Christians invented the oppressions and subjugation of women and went to war against every other religion in the world (possible not the Buddhists) and actually passed a decree that certain other races could be classed as non-human and so could be slaughtered with impunity (specifically the Native American tribes).

So, yes, lets condemn all terrorists be they Muslim, Christian, or sodding Jedi but let us not continue to vilify and stir up hatred against whole cultures just because many of them are (often rightfully) critical of Britain (or the US) and their treatment of other nations.


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