Creating Comedy Characters by Matthew Carless

Found this article by Matthew Carless and thought it might be interesting to some of my readers.

The characters that force us to reject scripts are very often one dimensional or stereotypes. That means that the reader often finds the characters do not have any life to them, and if they do, they are pre-moulded, predictable cardboard cut-outs that we are all familiar with.
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3 responses to “Creating Comedy Characters by Matthew Carless

  1. Thank you for sharing 🙂 It is likely to help me!

  2. Goodness me – that takes me back. I work under a “pen” name now since leaving the BBC but this was written during my time running the Comedy Script Unit. I think some of it helped, along with all the script formats I “published”. MC

  3. Jean

    Matt I wish those wonderful script formats you published were on a disk. I had them all for a long time until my computer died and I lost the lot but I must say thank you for them because I did find them so helpful.

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