TOTAL REBOOT – Best Laid Plans


I did intend to write something everyday while attempting this Total Reboot. However, life is something that often interferes with your plans


DAY 1 (Saturday)

Saturday was to be the first day of my shut down/reboot. Friday night I turned off the alarm so I would wake up naturally; that way I should wake up refreshed. Yeah! I did wake up naturally, at 10am! And I was hardly refreshed. After returning to bed until I felt a little human, having a good read and a cup of Lemon and Ginger water, I finally surfaced at Midday.

Now, of course, having arisen so late, it threw the plans for the diet out of the window. First off, I was too late for timing the menu for the day. Secondly, I hadn’t yet been to Manic Organic (the organic farm shop in Scarisbrick), which I had planned for first thing Saturday morning.

I did, however, have my breakfast prepared – a Berry Bake, adapted from Joe Cross’s recipe from the reboot programme. So, I ate breakfast at 1.00 pm!

I had also made a batch of Carrot, Ginger and Coconut Soup. This is pretty much my own recipe adapted from so many other similar recipes and made overnight in a slow cooker. I may start a recipe section so you can have a look. I also had enough ingredients for carrot apple and ginger juice.

Then, I wanted to write the first article for my blog. This took me till about 4.30pm. Yep. I wasn’t really feeling it, hence the three and a half hours. I did have a couple of breaks as, part of my Total Reboot plan is to have lots of breaks. So I had enough time for a nice bowl of soup and a carrot apple and ginger juice. I’m really not that fond of carrot juices. Anyway, I had just enough time to get to the farm shop, visit another couple of shops and get back home for another juice and, since I couldn’t be bothered preparing anything by this time, another bowl of soup, a full pack of dried figs and half a box of dates. So much for discipline. At least I didn’t buy any junk food while I was out.

I also cut my intake of tea down to just three cups. A word of WARNING to anyone considering removing tea and coffee from their diet: DO NOT go cold turkey on caffeine. I am fortunate in never having been addicted to drugs of any sort. However, I do hear that caffeine withdrawal can be as bad as withdrawal from other types of drug. I can believe this. Symptoms include severe headaches, flu-like symptoms, DTs. It is awful.

Anyway, maybe Sunday would be a better day.

Not a chance!

DAY 2 (Sunday)

My arising from my bed on Sunday followed pretty much the same pattern as Saturday. I had planned on planting out all plants I had bought the previous week and putting some rather late potatoes in. My back thought otherwise. So Sunday was a bit of a pottering round day, as I was not going to risk putting my back out as well.

I weighed in at 14st 8½lb this morning. This is quite a lot more than I was when I finished my last Reboot three years ago but a damn sight less than the sixteen plus stone I was when I started it.

The diet was, however, somewhat better. I almost followed day one of Joe Cross’s Reboot diet.

  • First thing – Hot, fresh Lemon and Ginger water
  • Breakfast – another portion of Berry Bake.
  • Mid-morning (in my case, early afternoon) – a small serving of carrot, coconut and ginger soup.*
  • Lunch- a big green salad (see below)
  • Afternoon snack – a small serving of carrot, coconut and ginger soup.*
  • Evening meal – Some steamed veg and another helping of soup.
  • Desert – the half box of dates I didn’t eat on Saturday.
  • *In the Reboot diet, this should be carrot, apple and ginger juice.

Now, the mistake most people make when they embark on a weight reduction diet is not eating enough. That’s right. It’s pretty useless reducing your calorie intake if your body conserves energy because of it.

Notably, people eat less than half the amount of salad as they should. The secret with salad, as part of weight reduction, I’ve found, is to eat until you are full. The handful of lettuce leaves and grated carrot that you would normally get in a café just will not cut the mustard. You need a dinner plate full of fresh green leaves, and a mix of other stuff.

The greens should represent a variety of leaves. But NOT iceberg lettuce (the most popular salad vegetable). Why? Because Iceberg lettuce contains very little in the way of nutritional value. Romaine, on the other hand, contains quite a lot. But don’t stick to the traditional. Add spinach – lots of it; throw in some chopped up cabbage – the greener the better; add a bit of red cabbage; mix the flavours for an interesting palette . Don’t forget to add grated or chopped hard foods as well – carrot, beetroot (raw), celery, etc. Don’t forget the nutrient packed avocado.

A word about fats. Dieters should not cut them out. A mistake dieters make with salads is to ignore the dressings. Go on, add some olive oil or a balsamic dressing; pour on a little French dressing. There is a reason that salad dressings contain oil – your body needs the oil to help break down and absorb the nutrients in leafy greens. By cutting fat out of a diet completely, you could actually put on weight as the body lowers its metabolism because of low nutrient absorption.

DAY 3 (Monday)

Day three was somewhat better diet-wise but I still didn’t get to work on me and my house is still messier that the local recycling centre.

It did not bode well that I started the day with muscle fatigue. Walking on the flat felt like walking up a one-in-four gradient. I had to force myself to take a long. I felt marginally better afterwards and it improved as the day wore on. The fatigue could have been caused by lack of food from the last couple of days (although I certainly didn’t go hungry) or it could have been reduction of caffeine, as I was down to three medium-sized cups. Or it could just have been because I’m a naturally lazy git and my body was moaning at me.

My menu for the day:

  • First thing – Hot, fresh Lemon and Ginger water
  • Breakfast – another portion of Berry Bake.
  • Mid-morning Celery, Pear and Cucumber Juice (another of Joe Crosse’s recipes)
  • Lunch time – small serving of carrot, ginger and coconut soup
  • Late afternoon Celery , Pear and Cucumber Juice
  • Early evening – Serving of Green Leaf Soup (A variety of Joe Cross’s Green detox Soup)
  • Evening meal – Stuffed, roast onion squash
  • Desert – a few black plums.

I did manage to plant some of my bought plants. How well they’ll take is anyone’s business, since they were mostly quite wilted through neglect.

Tomorrow, I may just start working on me!


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