TOTAL REBOOT – Forging Ahead

Day 7 (Friday)

This is the first day on totally liquid diet. I have to say, I’m now feeling so much better.

I managed do some work (not the writing as yet, but that will come), do some more cleaning, and have some ‘me’ time in town doing a little shopping. I took my bike with me on the train and rode back; so I managed to get my exercise in today. I will say that, when I got home, I was rather shattered but it was a good shattered. I had a long soak in a warm bath to ease the muscles.

It is a surprise, looking back, just how little I have exercised over the past few months. No wonder I’ve been ill.

I have a few wobbly moments when I was in a supermarket looking at all the processed food. And it seemed like cakes were just leaping through shop windows to get to me. But I managed to resist their wiles

Menu for the day: 

First thing – Hot, fresh Lemon and Ginger water

Breakfast – Tropical Green Smoothie

Late Morning Snack – Super green juice (basically, what I had left in the fridge)

Lunch – Squash and Apple Soup

Late afternoon – Super green juice

Evening Meal – Leafy Green Soup

Dessert – A handful of grapes (cheating, I know, but I just had a few left in the fridge)

Day 8 (Saturday)

The first day of the all juice diet and, I must admit, I was not looking forward to it.

All in all, though, the day went well. I had a lot more energy, got in my week’s provisions at Manic Organic and a supermarket, and managed to put in a bit more gardening.

The sweet and stickies didn’t have quite the same draw on me today.

Today’s menu:

First thing – Hot, fresh Lemon and Ginger water

Breakfast – Carrot, apple and ginger juice

Late Morning Snack – Coconut water – about a pint

Lunch – Joe’s Man Green Juice (straight from the Joe Cross website)

Late afternoon – Carrot, apple and ginger juice

Evening Meal – Carrot, apple and ginger juice

Dessert – Peach Delight (Another from Joe Cross’s website)

Day 9 (Sunday)

Sunday was a drag.

Apart from muscle fatigue, again, I was very depressed. I made numerous attempts to tackle my living room (you might imagine the state of it when I tell you that I have a dog, which is, probably, part German Shepherd, that is moulting and I haven’t vacuumed for over a week). With each attempt came a wave of depression, anxiety, and apathy all rolled into one. Eventually, I gave in to it and took myself to bed with my laptop with I intention of doing a bit of writing

I did manage a couple of hundred words before it became too much and I allowed myself to doze, expecting that I would wake up in about half an hour, feeling a bit refreshed. I finally awoke about 7.00pm (about four hours later) feeling like crap!

From then till going to bed, at about 10.30pm, I had to consume three lots of juices that should be taken over about six hours!

The good news is, I weight in at 14st 3lb! That’s five and a half pounds lighter in one week!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Today’s menu (all juices from Joe Cross’s website)

First thing – Hot, fresh Lemon and Ginger water

Breakfast – Green Citrus Juice

Late Morning Snack – Coconut water – about a pint

Lunch – Sporty Spice

Late afternoon – Green Citrus Juice

Evening Meal – Sporty Spice

Dessert – Purple Passion


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