TOTAL REBOOT – The Home Straight

Day 10 (Monday)

Finish.jpgWell, it’s starting to kick in. I was out of bed at 8.30 feeling raring to go. This is the type of day that makes it all worthwhile. I didn’t stop from the moment I got out of bed. While still a little slow, I had more energy today than I’ve had for months.

Living room tackled; bike-ride taken; visited a relative; shopping done; wrote just over two thousand words of short story. All in all, a productive day.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Today’s menu (all juices from Joe Cross’s website)

First thing – Hot, fresh Lemon and Ginger water

Breakfast – Green Citrus Juice

Late Morning Snack – Coconut water – about a pint

Lunch – Sporty Spice

Late afternoon – Green Citrus Juice

Evening Meal – Sporty Spice

Dessert – Peach Delight

Day 11 (Tuesday)

Fair full of life today. Up before eight. Out with dog, down to shops for shopping, back home, all juices made for the day, all before 10:30am.

A few days ago, I was really worried that this total reboot had been a complete waste of time and effort. I’ve still had days when the fatigue would knock me out; I was still struggling to get out of bed; I was having difficulty facing my household chores and even preparing food was a struggle.

Now, however, I’m feeling like it was worth it

Last day tomorrow, then starting introducing some real food.

Menu for the day

First thing – Hot, fresh Lemon and Ginger water

Breakfast – Carrot, Apple, Lemon and Orange juice.

Late Morning Snack – Coconut water – about a pint

Lunch – Garden Variety (from Joe Cross)

Late afternoon – Carrot, Apple, Lemon and Orange juice

Evening Meal – Garden Variety

Dessert – Purple Passion (from Joe Cross)

Day 12 (Wednesday) – the final day

Well, it’s been twelve days – it was supposed to me eleven but there were a couple of hiccoughs in the first few days.

Without and alarm clock, I now seem to be rising at around 7.30 and I’m no longer dozing off to the sound of Radio 2’s Breakfast Show. I’m getting out of bed within minutes of waking. It is still a bit of a struggle, having to sit on the edge of the bed till blood supply gets to all the extremities and my brain warms up.

More gardening done, a dental check-up (which I was going to postpone until after the operation but couldn’t really find a good reason why), more cleaning done, and a bit of shopping gathered.

At the end of today, my smug level was rather high.

Today’s yummy menu (all from Joe Cross):

First thing – Hot, fresh Lemon and Ginger water

Breakfast – Morning Green Glory

Late Morning Snack – Coconut water – about a pint

Lunch – Un-Beetable

Late afternoon – Morning Green Glory

Evening Meal – Un-Beetable

Dessert – Peach Delight

Epilogue – Day 13

Just thought I’d check in and report that my weight is now a smidgen under fourteen stone (196 pounds or 89kg for those non British readers), which is a terrific nine-pounds (almost) loss in twelve days (that’s 4kg)

However, looking back at what I’d promised myself, I didn’t fair quite so well.

I have cleaned large parts of my house but haven’t de-cluttered as I would have liked; I have slept as much as my body and mind wanted; I have shaken off my addiction (it’s midday and I haven’t craved a cup of tea yet); I have been exercising, though some of it has been incidental to my tasks (like gardening) but I have not formed an exercise plan; I have almost completed on short story but I have not finished the script; I still have a backlog of administration but it is now sorted and in hand; I haven’t even looked at the caravan.

I’m still going to call it a success, however as, health wise, I’m feeling much better.

Thanks for reading.



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